Real customer reviews and some of the stories behind the paintings.

Better than another wedding photo..

Wedding portrait gift

Beautiful gift idea this – our customer in NSW, Australia commissioned us to reproduce in oil a painting of a friend of theirs’ wedding photo: “Looks great”.

Color restoration to a black and white photo

Get a black and white photo painted in color

This was a second color restoration we painted for a customer of ours in Brisbane, Australia. It’s quite tricky doing color restorations as there is a lot of interpretation involved in predicting the actual colors of the clothes and skin tone. Fortunately 1 of our artists is a gun at this type of thing and did a tremendous job. Our customer said this: “The painting arrived this morning thankfully. It really is splendidly done. Going to get it framed now”.

Something completely different for a romantic gift

Custom artworks

Here’s something totally different – a customer in the USA requested we paint his girlfriend, as a mermaid in the style of a well known artist. Our customer was thrilled with the results and summed it up neatly: “It’s PERFECT!!!”. 

A terrific gift to remember a special night

Unique art gift, USA

We painted this for a customer in California, USA recently. Our customer wanted to give his date a romantic gift to remember the evening by. It was  a lovely photo to work from with 2 dashing characters, and here’s what our customer had to say afterwards: “It looks great…! Thank you very much for your patience and services during this process. I can’t wait for it to arrive!”.

Memories of a childhood home


House painting art

Sometimes a house is more than a house – it’s a home. That’s how our customer in ACT, Australia felt about her childhood home, and wanted to capture that feeling in a painting and give it to her Mum as a present at Christmas, 2014. We did our best to bring out the warmth and color of the home from the photo she provided us with, and here’s what she had to say after: “We are overjoyed with the painting. I cannot wait to see my Mum’s face on Christmas morning! Thank you to yourself for your customer service and communication and please pass on my gratitude, praise and thanks to the artist”.


A hand-painted pet portrait to remember a friend


Pet portraits to order

This was a lovely painting we did late in 2014 for a customer in Canada whose dog and friend had sadly passed away. The original photo had him lying on a rather cold looking wooden floor, but our customer wanted him to look warm and comfortable – so we edited the photo to have him lying on some very cozy looking carpet. And the feedback from our customer: “It looks great like this!…it’s awesome! Thank you so much…looks beautiful”.

A beautiful family portrait


Beautiful example of a family portrait painted in oilOne of the neat things about getting a painting instead of a photo is the control you get over what is included in the painting, and what isn’t. Shown here in this beautiful family portrait, are the proud parents of their newborn second child. Given the hospital room setting, our customer from Sydney, Australia requested the hospital bed and surrounds not be included in the painting – easy! And, after giving the painting as a gift to his lovely wife for her birthday, here’s what our customer had to say: “Went down a treat mate. She truly loved it. So off the wall compared to normal presents”.

Restoring color to a black and white photo

Black and white photo, painted in colourThis is a really cool idea – a customer of ours in Brisbane, Australia who’s a keen history enthusiast asked us to restore this beautiful old photograph from the 19th century of a renowned physician. We did, and it came out great! Here’s what our customer had to say: “I got the painting framed last week. I was so pleased with the job that I almost forgot to send you pictures! I really could not have hoped for a better result. Thank you so much for this magnificent work of art!”


What to buy Dad for his birthday..?


Unique gift ideas for men

Shopping for men is never easy (especially when it’s your Dad..) – they always seem to have everything they practically need. So our customer in New Zealand decided to get him something he’d love to have – but would never go out and buy himself; a beautiful painting of him with his lovely daughters. And after giving Dad his present, here’s what our customer had to say: “He was very happy – you did an amazing job”.